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Article Marketing Is Equal To Viral Marketing
by: Chris Peterson

Article marketing is a cost-effective method of marketing your Web site and services, and driving up your search engine ranking in the process. Studies allege that Article Marketing is 7-10 times more effective strategy than regular advertising. Writing and submitting your own articles is equivalent to FREE ADVERTISING on the Web. In general, this form of marketing is where you write an article about a topic that is related to your website content, using highly searched keywords in strtegic places throughout. This is an extremely powerfull form of advertising for your business and when mastered, can literally help your business earn money on auto-pilot.

Now that you've heard about the Article Marketing Revolution. Your next step should be to start writing about a niche topic, that your business website revolves around and a highly searched keyword. Your first entry into the world of article marketing is mastering the fundamentals, but remeber that submitting your writtings to the free directories is not a one time event, but a process. Discover user submitted websites on article marketing and related content to research just what people are writting about and what niche topics publishers and webmasters are looking for to reprint. Then take a look at marketing your affiliate programs, within your authors resource box at the bottom of your article for addittional income streams . The true key to good article marketing is to remain constant and consistent. With the challenges involved with reciprocal link building, generating incoming links through this method has proven highly effective.

The viral effect of article marketing is a benefit that I love about this method of promotion. Viral marketing has its own terms like anything else, and instead of making you run around the Net trying to find linking partners,your articles will do that for you day and night, automatically. Because it's both free and viral, article marketing is obviously the most cost-effective of all advertising methods on the internet today. The benefits of utilizing this free resource can be, and very often are, extreme and immediate. A well-written, useful article will acquire hits and encourage viral marketing for years to come for your business website. Not only will the search engines find you through all the links from your articles, they will reward you with free traffic. Your consistant writing can also help you gain name recognition as an expert in your field.

About The Author

Chris Peterson

Submit your articles and gain free exposure at

This article was posted on February 12,2007


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