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KPMG and Global Opportunity in Argentina, Brazil and Chile
by: Rene' V. Richards

There is a startling development in the most unusual place: South America. A region often marked by risk, uncertainty and crisis, South America is experiencing a rapidly rising increase in confidence and stability.

The turn of the century dawned with crisis in Argentina, and affected the currencies and economies of Brazil and Chile. A short 4 years later, many of the regional economies of these countries are strong, as personal incomes rise, and with it, increased investing confidence.

The manufacturing segment of their markets is now returning and with it, an increase in value and new jobs. Many companies already established in these economies are responding to growing domestic demand and committing to increased investments, new job creation, and increased market value.

The economies of Argentina, Brazil and Chiles, often referred to as the "ABC economies" are beginning to experience a return of foreign direct investment, and as a result, attitudes are changing.

Increased global demand for manufacturing products, and other commodities based goods are the reason for the overall growth and renewed momentum. The ABC countries have realized a definite benefit from the increased competitive exchange rates and the worldwide boom in demand for their primary exports.

Not only have these countries experienced increased demand for their products, their governments have made positive policy changes that promote increased investment. The former Economy Minister of Chile, Mr. Jorge Rodriquez states that "We don't have an industrial policy anymore. We believe it is growth that will bring investment, not incentive.

For more information and further insight into the findings issued by KPMG, read their report titled "Manufacturing in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile: Challenges and Opportunities" at

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About The Author

Rene' V. Richards, Staff Writer,


This article was posted on August 25, 2006


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