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Online Shopping - The Global Trend
by: Nazam Adam

Online shopping is really taking off ! That is what the survey by AC Nielsen discovered in their Global Online Consumer Confidence study recently. The study came up with some interesting facts and figures which online marketeers should not ignore.

The study has found out that over six hundred million people buy online and some three hundred million conduct online shopping in a single month alone. The top selling items are books which accounted for about one third of online items sold over the internet. Some twenty percent shopped online for DVDs and videogames, another twenty percent shopped for clothing, accessories or shoes and the remaining bought CDs, electronic gadgets including cameras and music downloads.

Travel and hotel bookings also proved very popular with online consumers.

An interesting fact about online shopping is that Germany and UK top the list of online shoppers. These two countries constitute the world's biggest online shoppers averaging seven and six purchases respectively in a month. It is noted that European online shoppers made five purchases on average per month, one purchase more from their North American counterpart. Asia Pacific matched the European online shoppers with five purchases per month with countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and China registering slightly higher monthly purchasing activity.

The study shows both an upward trend in global online shopping and in less developed countries, the trend registered faster growth. This is made possible with the wider access to internet and the availability of broadbands. So this represents global marketeers opportunities to penetrate these markets and will enable product manufacturers to open up new markets and increase their markets presence in those regions.

About The Author

The article can be reproduced and distributed provided that author by-lines and hyperlinks are kept intact and unchanged.

This article was written by Nazam Adam. He has a website at as an affiliate selling a large selection of top merchants.

This article was posted on October 16, 2006


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