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Accenture's Global Delivery System Includes BPO in Warsaw
by: Rene' V. Richards

The continuing trend for businesses in today's global environment is to seek outsourcing opportunities, in an effort to control costs and to affect the highest level of professionalism possible. In many instances, the need to comply with global financial management and regulatory requirements, the use of outsourced business professionals becomes a necessity.

Accenture is following the growing trend by choosing to open a new facility in Warsaw, Poland that will provide business process outsourcing services to a variety of potential locations and clients in Warsaw. This area of Poland is known for its large population of motivated professionals, modern infrastructure, and economic stability.

Since Accenture concentrates resources in the area of global management and consulting, facilities such as these serve to further infiltrate the global marketplace and provide new clients with some of the best outsourcing options available, and the latest technology.

Jo Deblaere, a senior executive who heads Accenture's BPO global delivery network comments that "Accenture's workforce is global and we have the knowledge and capabilities to service our clients in the markets and geographies that make the most sense for them. By adding a new center, we believe that we can provide critical business process-be it customer support, or accounts payable or accounts receivable."

Accenture has maintained an office and presence in Warsaw since 1993, but the latest center is a testament to the advances that are being made with global outsourcing and the penetration that companies like Accenture are making into the global market.

When the center is fully staffed it will employ up to 1,000 highly skilled professionals speaking more than a dozen European languages. Accenture's global network provides services in system integration, application outsourcing, and business process outsourcing.

About The Author

Rene' V. Richards, Staff Writer,


This article was posted on August 25, 2006


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