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Sales Person's ROI Model - The Key to Improve CRM User Adoption Rate
According to a report by CSO Insights, only 38% of the companies has CRM user adoption rate of 75% or more. This is the underbelly of the CRM  ....
Engaging Interaction with Your Customers
On the last day of SES 2013 in San Francisco, I attended two interesting sessions, both touched upon some fundamental principles rather than ....
During an "Ask the Expert" session at SES Conference in San Francisco last week, I was at the "retargeting" table and had a conversation with Marty Weintraub of
How to Appeal to People Who Have Different Sensory Preferences?
This article is the second of the series on how you can increase your conversion rate
Applying Persuasive Sales Process to Online Sales
The traditional sales process involves the following steps:
Facebook, MyLife, and 500Friends
At AlwaysOn Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, Facebook's woe of its inability to monetize and transition to the more mobile environment was extensively discussed
Business Mobile Apps
At AlwaysOn Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, SAP's president of mobility Sanjay Poonen gave a presentation about SAP's vision about business mobile apps
Facebook Ads Tips for Search Marketers
Facebook Ads have different characteristics from the search ads. Comparing Facebook ads vs. Google ads, Facebook ads has ...
How To Grow Facebook Fans Organically
In my previous article, I discussed the difference between search exposure/traffic and social exposure/likes. The key to grow search traffic/exposure is to get your Web page ranking ...
Search vs. Social Exposure
Because social marketing represented by Facebook and search marketing represented by Google are coming from very different foundation and mechanism, it is instructive to compare ...
B2B Lead Generation Part IV: Retargeting
This is the Part 4 of the B2B Lead Generation based on an SES session by Lauren Vaccarello, Director of Search, Display and Social Advertising, Salesforce.com.
B2B Lead Generation Part I: Setting up Offline Conversion Tracking
One of the sessions at SES in San Francisco is on B2B lead generation. The speaker is Lauren Vaccarello, Director of Search, Display and Social Advertising, Salesforce.com.There are several sections of her presentation:
Social Media And B2B Event Marketing Go Hand In Hand
With social media becoming more and more vital as far as marketing is concerned, it is important to use it a way so that it gives the maximum benefits. Be it a seminar,..
Web Marketing on Facebook:
With its 500 million members, Facebook marketing has become a must. Yet, when you look at it closely, very few businesses are actually able to utilise Facebook effectively. One of the trends you'll c...
From Twitter to Chatter
In last year's Dreamforce Conference, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com, unveiled the Chatter feature. By incorporating the social media functions originally created for personal connections,..
Web Lead Tracking
Recently, I was invited to IDC Direction09 conference in San Jose Convention Center. There is a sales and marketing track that talked about sales enablement, lead qualification, and..,
Buzz Marketing
Recently, at an Web2.0 event in San Jose, I talked with Sushil Jah, CEO of OuterJoin, an online marketing company with some very interesting products and services..,
Persuasion Architecture
Howard Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing, Future Now, was one of the speakers at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition at San Jose Convention Center ...
Behavior Targeting
One of the more interesting sessions at Search Marketing Conference at Santa Clara Convention Center this week is the behavior targeting presented by Nayfeh of Revenue Science based in Seattle, WA...
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Mobile Communications

Is It Time for Wireless E-Commerce?
The answer is yes. According to Bill Watterson, author of Calvin and Hobbes, "The problem with the future is that it keeps turning into the present." Businesses are well aware of mobile phones' poten...
Why are Wireless Headsets so Popular?
There are a few reasons why wireless headsets are popular. Wireless headsets can give you freedom as well as keep you connected to the phone. Having the freedom to move around and get up from one...
Wireless Network Security in 6 Easy Steps
Connecting your home and office computers with a wireless network sure makes things convenient ...BUT the very feature that makes them so popular is also their biggest weakness! Anyone with the knowl...
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Security Breach at Target Part 2: The Alternative to Centralized Consumer Data System
In Part 1 of Target Security Breach, we have discussed several underlying factors that made Target top victim to cyber-attacks. In this article, I would like to  ...
FIDO Alliance Seminar
FIDO Alliance held a seminar on Feb. 14, 2014 at Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto. There were about 60 people attended the seminar...
Security Breach at Target Part 1: How and why did it happen?
A string of large-scale data breaches hit big-name retailers such as Target and Neiman Marcus in 2013 ...
The Big Myths on Web Services Security
Is Web Services security too heavy to use? Can we keep it simple and secure for Web Services security?
End-to-End Security for Cloud Computing Environment
Common Concerns That People Have When Considering Using Cloud Computing
How Do I Insure That My Data is Safe and Secure Out In the Cloud?
Optimize Security Services in the Cloud
As the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) getting widely deploys into the cloud computing environment, more and more security vendors are providing security technologies as a service...
Data at Rest, Data at Risk?
As the security landscape changes and data privacy regulations are driving enterprises to seriously protect data at rest. However, the security measures that enterprises employ to secure data at rest have many challenges...
Virtual VPN Gateway
Virtaulization has become a clear trend. Data center server and storage consolidation saves space, energy, and operating cost. In the current economic environment, all these make economic sense...
Vital Records Agency Information And Data Security Best Practices
Vital Record agencies are confronted with information and data security issues as important concerns in today's technology-enabled world. Companies...
NAC Forum
NAC (Network Access Control) is a part of the overall security framework....
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News, Interviews, & Insights
Advice for Would-be Entrepreneurs
Greg Waldorf, CEO of eHarmony, a web based dating service company, gave a talk at Stanford Entrepreneur Thought Leadership forum.

Interview with Deborah Platt Majoras, Chairman of Federal Trade Commission

Network Access Control Forum
Network Computing held a forum on Network Access Control at Fairmont Hotel in San Jose on March 25, 2008. John Siefert, the publisher of Network Computing
Apple's iPhone and It's Ramifications

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Global e-Business
Selecting Start-up Founding Team
Startup companies usually start with several entrepreneurs (co-founders) who know each other and share the vision for a new business. Although it is very beneficial for the co-founders..
Understanding Positioning
Position is what others think of a company's technology, product, market presence, and company image. Positioning is to help a company to achieve the position it wants the others to think of it.
Stock Plan for Hi-Tech Start-up Company
Most hi-tech startup companies incorporate a stock option plan for its co-founders and key employees. Many entrepreneurs do not understand the various parameters of a stock option plan.
Advantages of Market Leader
Market leaders enjoy many advantages that non-leaders can only dream of. The advantages are:.
Alternative Financing & Global Partnership
Funding early stage companies is currently much more challenging since the "Dot Com Bubble" bust. Series A round from venture capital funds typically are awarded to businesses with proven products and quality clients...
Online Shopping - The Global Trend
Online shopping is really taking off ! That is what the survey by AC Nielsen discovered in their Global Online Consumer Confidence study recently. The study came up with some interesting facts and fi...
What is Your Asia Strategy for the Global Customer Base?
Something new happened in mid-2006 five out of the top ten websites listed by Alexa (based on traffic for the previous three months) were Asian. Four of those were Chinese. This is hardly surprisi...
Accentures Global Technology Growth Continues in India
The global expansion of the Big4 into countries such as India, Brazil, and China are a testament to the tremendous growth potential to be found in the world markets; the latest from Accenture is to o...
Global Venture Capital: Ernst & Young Reports on Important Trend
One of the most lucrative investment industries, venture capital, underwent a period of tremendous transition last year, and with that transition signaled passage into a new venture landscape...
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